Bees can be dangerous

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If you’re dealing with a lot of buzzing about your property this might be the number one question on your mind. The answer is a little more complicated than the question would suggest, but the short response is that they can be.
Some bees are naturally more aggressive than others, namely the Africanized honeybee. However, any bee which may sting is a danger to people who have allergies. A single sting can require immediate medical intervention and in case you have someone in your house that fits this description, it’s ideal to call professional pest management technicians immediately.
As noted above the AHB is an extremely aggressive species and likely the one that poses the most threat to humans and animals. Some pest control professionals have reported dealing with infestations that have contributed to death in farm animals and/ or injury to people. This means that properly identifying AHB is very important.
The issue is these bees are almost indistinguishable from their European counterparts. Only significantly smaller in size Africanized honey bees are difficult to identify from a physical perspective. Those people who are familiar with bees will inform you the best way to identify them is through their behaviour. AHB’s are a lot more aggressive than your average honeybee and will defend a wider area around the hive; in fact, they’ve been known to pursue an”intruder” up to a mile!
Bees in General
There are lots of diverse breeds of bees, and some rarely if ever sting a human or animal. However, AHB’s are not just dangerous to you and your pets; they also put up stiff competition with local honeybees. In years past you could often find a beekeeper who would come on your property and get rid of the hive and bees, free of charge, but because AHB’s have come to town, not to mention disorder and other issues facing beekeepers it’s less likely today.
When you have discovered bees in or around your home and you’re concerned about relatives, call in a professional pest control firm. Sometimes, they will merely remove the offending bees (such is often the case with carpenter bees) and sometimes they will utilize pesticides to eliminate truly dangerous bees. Using a pest control company alleviates the burden of identifying and determining which bees in your yard are in fact dangerous.